Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mommy and baby chicks, Learn to let go

Bento No 322

I created mommy and baby chick from egg sheet using a different size of heart shape cookie cutter. To achieve the bright yellow hue, I only used egg yolk for making the egg sheet (which was leftover from making swiss meringue buttercream that only required egg whites).  Carrot for wings, nori for the eyes and baby chick's beak.  Mommy chick's beak was a pink heart shape foodpick.  On the sides, my boy has soba noodles, blanched cauliflower, sugar bean, carrot and pan-fried chicken breast patties.

I got emotional the other day when Papa mentioned he wanted to visit Ah Ma in Malaysia together with my son for a few days.  And I have to stay back in Singapore to look after our pet dog, Nitro.   Thinking of being apart from my son across the country left me very bitterly sad.  I did not know that I have to learn to let go of my child so quickly.  Was it the 'empty nest' syndrome set in so early?  Since I became a stay-at-home mum, we have never been apart except a few hours alone with Daddy.  My life has been revolved around my son from schooling, playing and even cooking his favourite dishes.  When the topic was first brought up, my boy did not buy the idea of separating from me either.  When I talked about it again the next day, my boy assured me that he would be fine with Papa and even asked me "Are you ok with it?"  I replied that I was not sure about it.  To my surprise, my sensible boy told me to give it try.  I was speechless!  Yeah, he was right!  It's time for me to let go.......   He's no longer my baby but a little man yearning for independence.

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