Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simply Onigiri

Tomorrow we are flying back to visit my in-laws in Petani for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Not much food left and I prepared a simple onigiri and marmite pork together with some mixed greens and strawberries.  I love the marmite chicken at the Tampines Round Market and just could not get the right taste when I cooked it. Whenever I am in the kitchen, my son will ask if he can try or taste some.  He had a sip of marmite sauce and immediately, he shrugs his shoulders!  Oh dear, I guess he didn't like it though.  Yet, he said 'I like it' attempting to please his Mommy.  I do hope he could eat his lunch, or at least some, to fill up his stomach. 

Bento No. 36


KidsDreamWork said...

Wish you and family a great journey home and Happy CNY!!

Dragonfly said...

Thank! Happy CNY to u n family :)