Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Army Tank

Bento No. 111
We had seen many army trucks under orientation driving on the road on the way to school.  My boy would tell me immediately when he sighted one.  In one of his bedtime story about Harry and the Dinosaurs saving endangered animals, one of the dinos drew an "Army Tank".  He could not differentiate between an army truck and tank initially.  After numerous explanation, comparison and sightings, he eventually can able to tell me the correct name.
The idea of making an army tank onigiri striked me when I recalled I have seen it in Sakae Sushi restaurant. I inserted a strip of cucumber surposedly the machine gun on the square warhead. The hatch or cupola is a tiny square cucumber.  I hope I got all the description correct :P

In his bento, he has baked teriyaki salmon (which is well hidden underneath the onigiri), blanched cauliflower and asparagus, cherry tomato, dragonfruit and orange.

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