Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuna sushi and Lion

Bento No. 113

Bento No. 114
I made the Tuna sushi bento on Monday and butterfly pasta today.  Both have the same theme, "Lion"! Even when I asked my boy what kind of animal lantern he would like, his replied was "Lion". Reason being, I saw supermarkets like Cold Storage and Giants are selling LED paper lantern.  These lantern certainly will not catch fire and it would be nice to have to celebrate the coming Mid-Autumn Festival!   However,  the "Lion" shape lantern were sold out.  Probably, I need to run a few stores to search for the Lion lantern. 

Yesterday, I totally lost my cool and spiked off an argument with my spouse in front of my son.  I am worried some negative impact on him and how he felt about it at that moment.  I asked him again about the incident while getting him dressed up this morning.  He said he was scared and I apologised for what had happened  He gave me a big hug which I did not expect.  So sweet :)  Ideally and most experts will tell us not to argue in front of children.  It will leave a bad impression in their tiny little heads, being frightened or worst, they will turn the treatment right back on us once they are teenagers.  Really have to keep arguments under control in future....

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