Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inside-Out California sushi

Bento No. 108
My son always finished his food whenever I packed sushi for his lunchbox.  It is not only healthy but easy to eat for the little hands.  So I made california sushi with avocado, crab meat and tamagoyaki.  He has his usual fare i.e. edamame, tamagoyaki and fruits like kiwi, orange and cherries. And a couple of safari animals foodpicks.

Today, I was the chauffeur for my son as well as my hubby.  Dropped the former to school and later drove Papa to Serangoon to see a Chinese physician.  His kneen cap was swollen and painful last night after a game of badminton.  Thereafter, we went to Great World City, "Toy Hunt" to collect his latest lego train set.  And, we went back to school to fetch my son. Guess what!  I spent most of the time on the road today.

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