Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teriyaki Chicken roll

Bento No. 107

While I was preparing the marinate for teriyaki sauce last night, it smell of strong vinegar.  I began to wonder if the soya sauce has turned bad.   But the marinated chicken thigh I cooked this morning tasted fine.  Sceptical about it.  So I went to buy another bottle of soya sauce, a different brand to confirm whether my soya sauce has really gone bad. Honestly, it has never occurred to me to smell the sauce and I did now to discover it smell vinegar!

The meat does not taste as good as I expected.  May be I should add some sake or chinese wine into the marinate as well which I omitted last night.  I flattened the wholemeal bread with a roller pin and spreaded a thin layer of tomato sauce on it.  Then I sliced up the chicken and placed on top of the bread and rolled with cucumber.  Some cheeries, orange, kiwi and cherry tomato to go along with his chicken roll.  Plus his favourite strawberry yogurt!  The dinosaur was contributed by my boy :)

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