Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mango and mayo chicken sandwich

Bento No. 117
I made something different I had never tried before.  Mango and mayo chicken sandwich! Coincide with the Lantern Festival, I had one big pomelo sitting in my kitchen.  My intention is to make the HK style mango sago desert since I had also bought some mangoes from supermarket.  Then, it striked me that chicken and mango paired very well in sandwich.  But how to go about it?  After browsing the internet last night, I settled with simply just mixed diced chicken breast with mango puree and mayo.  Topped with additional mango puree, tomatoes and cucumber.  I can taste the sweetness of mango but perhaps, too bland for my taste. 

A speedy bento compliments with kiwi and grapes.  In addition, I packed Emmi vanila flavour yogurt into his lunchbox. 

Yesterday was the actual day of Lantern Festival.  But my boy was too sleepy and yet insisted to take his dino lantern out at night.  He was in tears when we refused due to the fact that the weather was so hazy and he was dozing off during dinner.  He was asleep by 7.50pm!  This was the problem whenever he did not nap in the afternoons.  And the biggest headache for me is that my son only takes nap in my car and not at home!

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