Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sushi Bento

Bento No. 122
Lately, my boy's stuffing nose has got worse during his sleep.  Tossed and turned plus snoring loudly due to nasal conjestion.  I was amused at his reply when I told him about his snoring.  He said "Just like gorilla!".  I have not given him any medication from the onset.  Hoping that, he will heal naturally.  Well, it has been more than a week and his condition does not improve.  I have no choice but to start " Dexchlorpheniramine" with him.  Also, we skipped school yesterday and went cycling at the Sun Plaza park.  The air was fresh after the rain.  Although the ground was still wet but did not dampen our mood!  Sun was partially hidden behind the clouds amid warm weather with a breeze.  My son headed straight to his favourite sand playground.  He had a great time there.

Today's bento is his all-time favourite sushi; crabstick, cucumber and egg.  Along with a floret of broccolli, tamagoyaki, edamame and grapes.

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