Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My first Halloween theme bento (Ee Fu Noodles)

Bento No. 123
 I created a Halloween theme bento today.  Two Jack O'lanterns carved out from carrot which I attempted to shape a crooked teeth after seeing Happy Little Bento's tutorial.  Well, as you can see, I failed but don't they look spooky with the hollow eyes!  Just a consolation to myself haha...  Besides Jack, there are two bats flying in the moonlight (made from cheese and nori).  And a creepy crawly spider on a floret of broccolli.  It all happened when we were sitting on the dining table this morning for breakfast.  First, I flipped through the pages of his Charlie and Lola activity magazine.  Then I took out the nori and started cutting the shape of bats infront of my boy. Thought that I have completed the task. Instead, he requested a spider and reminded me it must have eight legs. Okay, for the legs, I cut a rectangle from the seaweed.  Then, I trimmed out the edges with  a 'L' shape and assemble around its head.  Got it?  Hope so...:)

The school has invited 'The Rabbi's daughter' today, 28th of September 2011 to teach the little ones about Jewish customs, Kosher food, and some Jewish folk-dancing.  The date coincides with the Jewish New Year.  It would be interesting and eye-opener for my boy other than the four races we know in Singapore; Chinese, Indians, Malays and Eurasias.  Mommy does not even know what is all about! 

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