Friday, September 30, 2011


Bento No. 124
Bunny with an oversized long ears! Yeah, I made this bento yesterday with wholemeal bread bought from Yamazaka bakery.  I like the soft wholemeal and black sesame bread at this Japanese bakery.  The only pro is the odd size of the bread which comes smaller than four leaves or breadtalk bread that I find it hard to use my sandwich cutter.  Hence, I created this bunny by free hand cutting the shape of its ear.  As for its face, I topped one slice of bread with tuna mayo, small slice of cucumber and tomato and another slice to cover it before I used a cup as the cutter to press it to seal the edges.  The rest are cheddar cheese, nori, ham and grapes.  My son favors cheddar over normal sandwich cheese!    There was one food I have never packed in the his bento before.  It was the carrot! Raw!  My boy likes it very much.  
Bento No. 125

Can't see the brown rice?  Yes, it was hidden underneath the drumlette. This is what he has today for lunch.  The drumlette was marinated with Lam Yee overnight.  His bento consisted of blanched 'super fine' french bean, carrots, corn cob and grapes.

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