Friday, September 16, 2011


Bento No. 119
This bento was made with brown rice onigiri in the shape of an Owl.  Eyes and beak are made with two type of cheese and nori. Inside his lunchbox, I packed leftover char siu we ate last night and pan-fried long beans with egg.  As well as a bunny apple and green kiwi.  This is the first time he did not touch or eat the brown rice and upon checking with my boy, he just said "I don't like brown rice".  But he ate it for dinner! What is going on inside his little head??? 

I was horrified when I realised my boy opened car door in the middle of the motorway while I was driving back home from school.  Immediately, I stopped the car on the road shoulder and jumped out to close it.  I was really mad and kept reprimanding him.  At the same time, I wanted him to understand the seriousness of making sure the doors are to be closed at all times and dangerous as well if the doors are left opened. The last time, I did an emergency stop at the road shoulder was having a punctured tire.  Afterwhich, I read from the newspaper that there was an accident whereby a lorry crashed right into the faulty car which was about to tow away.  One casualty in this freak accident!  We always assume it is alright to stop on the road shoulder but forgetting that it is 'unsafe' too.

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