Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bento No. 186
Our little one came down with fever last Wednesday right after school. He aslo developed a chesty cough.  He has since recovered from his fever on the 3rd day with less cough.  I have a little fight over whether to adminster the paracetamol every 4 hours prescribed by the doctor with my mother.  His temperature was hoovering around 37.5 to 38.4 at that time.  I did not stick to the 4 hourly schedule.  Instead, I gave him paracetamol twice a day as well as plenty of water for him to drink daily.  And I also ensure that he has sufficient nap/sleep and constantly monitor his temperature.  As a mum myself, I knew that typically, he would recover by the 3rd day.  My mother advised me to follow doctor's instruction strictly and got agitated when I did not heed her advice.  All went well and my son is full of energy now despite still having the cough.  The incident just hit me that when there are two or more caregivers under one roof, there would definitely be conflict due to different opinion.  Should I follow out of respect or trust my own motherly instinct?  Anyway, I caught the bug from my son and now I have a chesty cough and a running nose :( 

The above bento was prepared on Monday.  It consisted of one slice of walnut bread with ham and cheese, some tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwi and grapes.  But he did not eat the bread.  Possibly, he still has no appetite yet.  The next few days, I packed lesser in his lunchbox.  I also notice my boy has lost some weight and his little round tummy has also flatened.

His dearest Sanku was here in Singapore as a babysitter for two weeks.  After she finished her job, she stayed with us for two days before leaving for Penang.  We were pleasantly surprised when my boy said "I love San Ku.  She takes care of me.". And before she left, he gave not one but two hugs.  So sweet!  Although my driving skills are nowhere near perfect, I still could manage to bring her out after dropping my son off at school.  We met up with Pak Leong Lilian at CK Tang where I parked my car at Angullia Park and the next day, we went to Ikea at Tampines because she loves to shop for household things.

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