Friday, April 27, 2012

Brown bear

Bento No. 189
I made a brown bear onigiri with brown rice for my boy's bento today.  Its muzzle is cut from fishcake and its facial/eyes are made of nori and cheese.  I placed some stir-fried sesame chicken breast and blanched China spinach underneath the onigiri.  On top of which, he also has blanched cauliflower and red dragonfruit. 

At 4 years old, my boy has already started to distinguish his 'best' friend and 'good' friend.  His best friend is a little girl with long black hair and big bright eyes named Irin.  And she is the only one that my boy will say good bye automatically everytime he finished school.  When I asked him further, he would tell me "I like her" and "she is pretty!".  That is a very straight forward and honest answer.  Even Mommy does not have such a privillege during the courtship.  Kids are always full of surprises for the parents.  And my boy did it over the dinner table.  He said he wanted to marry Irin.  I was frozen for a minute but kind of amused and questioned him "What do you mean by marry Irin?".  And he cleverly associated our wedding photographs as being married.  According to my son, he was invited to Irin's house to watch Tom and Jerry. Some kind of date, I was thinking.... How true is it?  Beats me.

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