Saturday, April 7, 2012


Bento No. 183
Library is one place that we frequently go.  We love the African folklore and it is my son's favourite animal book.  The stories are not only entertaining but to teach a lesson too.  We had read mostly written by the author, Mweyne Hadithi, with colourful and beautiful illustration by Adrienne Kennaway.  Unfortunately, some of the titles are not found at the Tampines Library.  We probably have to look for it in other branches.  These are the books we had read :-
  1. Cross Crocodile
  2. Handsome Hog
  3. Enormous Elephant
  4. Laughing Giraffe
  5. Bumping Buffalo
And the following are the list of titles we wanted to borrow :-
  1. Lazy Lion
  2. Hot Hippo
  3. Greedy Zebra
  4. Hungry Hyena
  5. Tricky Tortoise
  6. Crafty Chameleon
  7. Baby Baboon
At this moment, my boy is reading the "Bumping Buffalo".  This is a story of how Buffalo went looking for trouble and found it.  It has become a habit to read at least 3 books before he sleeps.  Even if it is past his bedtime, my boy would still insist to read a book before bed.  Needless to say, this buffalo bento is inspired by the book.  He has fried egg with long bean, char siu, brown rice, orange and grapes.

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