Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chicken and apple balls on sticks

Bento No. 187
Again, my son was down with fever last Sunday and he missed his classmate, Oliver's 4th birthday party at the newly opened Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) Sentosa.  He was happily shopping for the present on Saturday.  But just before we were all set to go,  I felt his body temperature was higher than normal.  Quickly, I took out the thermometer and true enough, he was feverish.  This is the second time, he succumbed to viral fever within a month.  Coincientally, there had been incidents in his preschool where two children from another class and a staff were infected by stomach flu.  He became very quiet with movements akin of koala bear.  That night, my son has no appetite too.

Yesterday, his temperature has came down to around 37.5 and he seems to regain his cheerful and playful self.  I started to make chicken and apple balls adapted from http://food-4tots.com/2012and /03/27/chicken-and-apple-balls-with-barbecue-dip/.  Surprisingly, my boy came into the kitchen offering to help me.  Together, we shaped the chicken ball and honestly, he did it very well. And, he ate 6 chicken balls with some macaroni and green peas. 

Still, have not had enough of chicken balls, my son requested to include in his lunchbox today.  Instead of macaroni, he had angelhair noodles and tomato sauce.  Can you see a lion salivating over the huge chunk of chicken meat?  That was my son's idea!

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