Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pumpkin rice and Letter "K"

Bento No. 185
Yesterday, I boiled pumpkin soup and had some leftover.  Hence, I cooked pumpkin rice adapted from for his lunch.  My son loves pumpkin be it cooked in any style.  I cube and steam it over the rice (which I seasoned with black and light soy sauce and add dried mushroom, shrimp, shallots and chicken breast).  Then I created a letter "K" using the pumpkin.  And I also packed his favourite grapes to go along with it.

After celebrating my little boy's birthday, we have another "old boy" birthday on 9th April 2012 i.e. our dearest Papa.  I have been training my son to sing the cantonese version of birthday song and he did it very well on Monday's night right after dinner.  I decided not to bake any chocolate cake because I think we had enough on my boy's birthday.  Instead, we had orange blueberry muffin and digestive biscuits with chocolate buttercream and an edible image specially ordered/made for my husband.


Food For Tots said...

You really made good use of your pumpkin. So creative to make the letter "K". Happy belated birthday to your boy and also your hubby!

Dragonfly said...

Thank you :) My hubby commented the pumpkin rice is realy good!