Monday, April 9, 2012

Green Pigs

Bento No. 184
Yesterday, we went to Jurong Bird Park to celebrate my son's birthday together with my Mum and Papa.  I have made an enquiry earlier regarding reservation for 'Lunch with Parrots'.  Unfortunately, the person whom I have been corresponding via email did not confirm my bookings prior day.  Hence, we headed straight to the Songbird Terrace where the buffet lunch and show are served and held.  Luckily, we met a helpful staff who then arranged to reserve a table right in front of the stage.  I requested for a birthday song to be sang by one parrot which he honestly told us he would try his best but no promise.  We were glad that the message indeed conveyed down to the waiters and the host of the show.  And our wish comes true!  The green parrot did sing a birthday song and said "I love U" as well.  I can see from my boy's smiling face that he was enjoying every moment of the show and the limelight.  Last but not least, we paid $10 for my son to take a picture with a macaw and he also got a painting of 'Pikasso', a cockatoo that paints and a postcard.  The buffet spread was not that fantastic and our dear Papa, jokingly commented that it was an expensive 菜飯.  After the lunch, we brought him to the 'Birdz of Play' for some waterplay.  My son has been asking us to bring him there since the opening.  However, it started to rain heavily subsequently.  But I think he got about half an hour of playtime at least.  Anyway, my son has another great day on his birthday.

Above is the green green pig minus the angry bird which is made of pandan bread.  I was shopping at NTUC yesterday night when my son saw it on the rack.  I seldom buy flavoured bread to make sandwich but my little boy insisted.  Okay, he has tuna mayo with pandan bread, carrot stick, cucumber and grapes.  Taste funny?  I am unsure but he finished all!

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