Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Panda and sushi

Bento No. 188
This morning I was shocked to discover I did not wind up one of the windows in my car.  Gosh, if this happens in Malaysia, I am sure my car would be long vanished!  Good grief, what am I thinking, so careless!!  Perhaps it was due to fatigue and tiredness that I am experiencing from my cough and running nose.  Now, our whole family are either having a running nose or cough.  Hopefully, we could all be well again soon. Afterall, I just saw the Chinese physician at Eu Yan Sang clinic at Plaza Singapura yesterday.  And it was also my first time driving to the shopping center.  The management has re-designed the entrance and exit which I found it better traffic control.  Shortly, it began to rain!  Even though, I had checked and double checked the directions going back to preschool, yet I was lost in orchard again!  Worst of all, the GPS map does not function properly during bad weather.  I was half an hour late when I reached school. 

This is his usual crabmeat sushi with tomago and cucumber, apples, grapes and edamame. My son does not like to eat apple.  But he listened to Mommy's advice that an apple keeps the doctor away and obediently ate all that I packed in his lunchbox.  Good boy! 

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