Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bunny apple and fried brown mee hoon

Bento No. 206

After I fried the brown mee hoon with cabbage, carrot, sugar bean and chicken fillet, I thought of making a sail using sugar bean for his bento this morning.  So I shared my idea with my son.  Instead, he started to instruct me to 'build' a road saying "can put here...there....".  His finished project above appeared like a zebra crossing, I told my boy.  He happily echoed "Yes, yes!  It is a zebra crossing". And he was very proud of his design!  I cut some bunny apples  and packed into his Panda lunchbox.  Although apple is not his favourite.  He would still eat it if I told him so. 

Times flies.  Papa will be flying to Peru for 3 weeks tomorrow morning.  This is the longest business trip he ever had (wasted on 50 hours flight as well as extension of his stay to hike in Machu Picchu) and also the longest time, we would be spending our school holidays without his Papa :(

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