Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Ant in the garden

Bento No. 210

I woke up with a splitting headache this morning.  Feeling lethargic but I still got job to do i.e. prepare lunchbox for my son to bring to school.  I made an ant using fishballs.  Then, I used angel hair pasta to create its legs and antenna, nori and cheese for its eyes.  Blanched caixin/carrot flowers for the garden. 

Speaking of the school holiday program, my boy went for a 5-day Chinese speech and drama class at his school where he learnt about the Chinese word 水.  He also has the opportunity to try his hands at Chinese art and calligraphy after learning about 墨水.  And this was the painting he did it with the help of his teachers, of course!  And today, he told me he wanted to attend more Chinese speech and drama classes.  It is a good start that he showed interest in Chinese :)  But then again, we have to wait for our CFO to approve the cost.

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