Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuna salad sushi

Bento No. 212

When Papa was away for his business trip in Peru for three weeks, we (my son and myself) have been sleeping together in the same room.  Sometime, we slept on the same bed and other times, he felt that a super single mattress placed on the floor was a better option.  Another reason for it was, we saved the cost of switching on just one air-condition in one room.  It was difficult to have good sleep with my son because he rolled, kicked and dreamed quite a bit - very bad bed manners.   Now, Papa was back from his trip, he was reluctant to go back to his own room again.  But with some cajoling, he agreed last night. And this morning, I praised him and he requested me for a 'gummy bear' (PN kids product) for being such a good boy.  I started this reward method for his good behaviour recently and he was witty to be able to relate and respond to it.  My son often asked me for sweets and therefore, I thought giving him PN kids multi-vitamins gummy bears would be a better choice;)  One bird kills two stone!

Simple tuna salad mayo sushi lunch with tamagoyaki, edamame, a cherry and some yellow kiwi for today. 

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