Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peak of the mountain

Bento No. 211
Our dear Papa has finally completed his Salkantay Mt. Llactapata Trek and visited the lost city, 'Machu Picchu'.   And below was the description of the trek.

"I made it through torturing 4 days hiking passing highest pass at 4600m. I had got short of breath (oxygen), sun burn (despite 50+ sun block), purple toes, sore muscles, sleep in -6°C (3800m), smelly body, icy cold night showers and plenty of pains."

So I made towering triangle sandwich with a handmade flags symbolised 'victory' on each peak.  The fillings of the sandwich is a mix of green apple, mayo, tuna, thinly sliced cucumber  and orange cheddar cheese. On top of which, I threw in some yellow kiwi, a cherry tomato and some cheeries.


Food For Tots said...

Congrats on his victory! Next time, must may a "trophy" too. Hehehe!

Dragonfly said...

Good idea! May be on his next trip ;)