Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surimi sushi

Bento No. 207

A simple surimi sushi with cucumber for his lunch.  Some edamame, leftover fried tofu, bunny apple and kiwi to complete his meal.

My son's preschool celebrated Father's day yesterday at the Labrador Park Coastal Walk with a theme "Walkathon with a Difference".  Unfortunately, Papa was on the flight to Peru and I decided to give it a miss.  Because the principal informed that "Mummies who wish to participate will HAVE TO volunteer with food, drinks, picnic mats and umbrellas".  Honestly, I wanted to be part of the walkathon, navigating the route instead.  Perhaps, its intention was to 'pamper' the fathers and kids for the special day.  Although we missed the adventure trail at Labrador Park, I went for the wildlife theme rooftop waterplay at Tampines 1 together with his cousin and my mom.  First, we had our lunch at the Nihon Mura (Japanese Village) located at the Tampines Swimming Complex.  We ordered three set lunch; one curry pork katsu, two pork yakiniku that comes with a side dish, a desert and a drink each that cost me only $35!  Feeling very full after consuming so much of carbohydrates (rice!) but satisfying though,  we headed for the waterplay.

It was a super hot, bright and sunny afternoon.  However, a good outdoor playground for the children to cool off the heat.  Despite we live so near to the place, this is the first time they 'Played' in the water!

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