Monday, June 25, 2012


Bento No. 209

Wake up, rise and shine! Watch the sunrise amid the contructions going on... It is the start of the new school term.  And I made the face of a macaw using white rice mixed with egg and french bean, cheddar cheese, egg whites and nori.  Actually, I was thinking of Skully, a green parrot that appeared in the 'Jake and the Neverlands Pirates' show.  But I guess it was far far from ideal and my little boy commented "It is not Skully!  Skully is green!!". :P On the sides, he has baked chicken drumstick with red fermented bean, fried egg with french beans, a cherry tomato and some yellow kiwi.

We were at Changi Airport T3 yesterday to catch the last day of Giant Safari play area which was set up at level two.  Admission is free, but I need to spend a minimum spending of $20 (or $15 for Changi Rewards members) in a single same-day receipt, just to redeem one entry into the Play Area or Animal Rides.  As I could not make up my mind what to buy, we went for the SLIDE instead.  My boy who finally reached the height of 110cm played the slide for the first time.  In fact, from what I had observed, toddlers below the minimum height requirement were also in the queue too!  My son was so thrilled about the ride and went for it several times despite the long queues.  I was queuing together with him initially but subsequently left him standing alone in the queue all by himself.  My son could not keep still in the queue and occasionally, 'veered off' from the snakey queue.  I discovered later, the parents behind actually took the advantage to cut the queue and move in front of him.  My first instinct was to tell my son to stick close to the person who stood in front of him.  This is not the end of the story yet.  Whilst he was in the queue for another ride again, a daddy (who stood in the queue on behalf of his kid who was nowhere to be seen!) did attempt to cut the queue too. This time, my boy said it nicely "Mommy, Uncle cut queue." and the uncle stepped backwards.   I was so proud of my son because he was able to speak up for himself.

My son enjoyed his slides irregardless and did some 'superman' stunt which I did not approve.  I also managed to buy some body shampoo from Watson that cost around $20++ which was enough to redeem an entry to the safari play area.  To our dismay, it was so popular that the only sloth available was 4.15pm which meant we have to wait for another 50 minutes just to have a 10 minutes playtime.  However, we did waited.......but at the viewing deck. When it was time for his turn, my son happily scampered through the play area without missing out any (I think so) within the 10 minutes.

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