Monday, June 4, 2012

Japanese egg salad pocket sandwich

Bento No. 205

I made Japanese egg salad pocket sandwich for my boy's lunch today which I have adapted the receipe from  However, I did not realise that there is not enough mayonnaise left in the bottle. So, I spread cream cheese on each slice of the wholemeal bread instead of mayo/mustard :P  And the egg mayo mixture is a little dry too :(  He has dragonfruits with some cute animal foodpicks.

Last night, my son has a nightmare and was crying in his sleep.  It was the most pitiful cry I have ever heard.  It was sad and sound like he was hurt very badly.  I woke him up, gave him a hug, rubbed his back hoping he would calm down.  Papa asked him to talk about it. We assured him that it was 'just a bad dream'.  My boy did and told us that his classmate took his toy with his eyes shut.   The soothing last about 3 hours past midnight and yet he did not stop crying.   In fact, he has trouble falling asleep on his own!  In the end, we have no choice but brought him to our bedroom to comfort him.  And there, he was still sobbing and became very clingy.  He kept asking Papa to massage his head because he has a headache till he finally slept through.  The next morning,  I asked him if he could remember his bad dream.  He told me that "T-rex bites me!" and he was in pain.  He could recall he has a headache too.  That may explain why he was crying so pitiful.  But it was an entirely different story from what he told us last night!

We went to Philatelic Museum yesterday for the Children Season Open House on Sunday and he made a dragon puppet.  This reminded me that he is scared of dragon head that look like this.  When we were at the Maritime Museum Sentosa previously, he would cover his eyes with his hands when the moving dragon started the show.  Could this be the reason he had a nightmare? Anyway, the museum offered very educational and informative exhibits which I personally felt that the older kids would enjoy and gain more.  My son, however, likes objects which he can touch and feel as well as the 'The Adventures of Tintin' exhibition. 

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