Monday, March 25, 2013

Baked salmon sushi

Bento No. 290
A simple sushi lunch and his all time favourite!  In the box, he has baked salmon sushi with Japanese cucumber, blanched broccoli, tamagoyaki and strawberries.  I arranged the food and my boy decorated it with animal foodpicks. 

How did you spend your school holidays in March?  My boy signed up as a Smålish citizen!  We rarely visited the place except when we had no plans or activities.  And only upon request from my son.  And it was also a good place for Mommy to escape from the scorching heat. He went to Småland once there after school just before the March school holiday started.  He was a bit sad as he could not find any friends at Småland to play with.  The kids seemed to exclude him on purpose during play.  But it did not stop him from going there.  The second time we were at Småland, he repeatedly told me he would definitely make some friends.  True enough, he did! He was happy and even managed to get to know their names :)  Being the only child, he yearned for companion to play with him.  He told me he wish to have a 'big' brother.  This is not the first time he asked for a brother or sister.  Over times, I somewhat detached the emotional feeling in me and reassured him that he has Daddy and Mommy and he was never alone.  However, my boy asked "what if you pass away?".  I did not expect such a question from him and neither would I expect him to think so far ahead.  Trying to be positive, I explained that if the time comes for me to go, he would have grown up as adult, independent and capable of  taking care of himself and would have his own family; wife and children.  He nodded in silence. I realised at that moment, my boy is not only mature for his appearance but his thoughts as well.

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