Friday, March 8, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 in Malaysia

Reunion dinner - a tradition for all Chinese household on the eve of Lunar New Year.  Here was a glimpse of typical steamboat dinner we had. There were a lots of green ever since Ah Ma becomes a vegetarian.  She has a special small claypot that was separated from our chicken broth in the middle.   We had two tables in order to accomodate all the adults and children. Ah Ma is like a magnet who keeps the family members together and she is 90 years old now.

Reunion dinner - steamboat
Vegetarian abalone, Wong Bok, Spring Onion, Chinese Lettues, Coriander, ,
Fishballs/meatballs, Prawn, Fish, Chicken, Pork
Dipping - soya sauce and green chilli

Ah Ma

On the first day of the new year's morning after pray, we had vegetarian food for brunch and lotus seeds and dates for dessert  (aka  "糖水" in cantonese).  Dinner was my favourite!  Especially the Lor Bak (Ngoh Hiang) and Jiu Hu Char (fried yambean with shredded cuttlefish) which were the staples of Penang Nyonya dishes. We ate it every year during the festive season. Second day, we had a simple lunch but a big feast in the evening by the best cook of the house, Lai 姑 (means the youngest aunt in cantonese).  In fact, all the 姑 姑 are great cooks, far much better than me.  The vegetarian menu consisted of lotus root soup, assam curry, Ulam ie Malaysia salad; mint, cucumber, cosmos caudatus) to be eaten with sambal, mix of deep-fried beancurd food/popiah, stir-fried assorted vegetables. 

The highlight, of course, was the fireworks and firecrackers that my boy enjoyed most. The fireworks would last till midnight at Papa's hometown. It was beautiful to watch and moreover, just right in front of our doorsteps. In the day, my son has a blast with the kids.  It was a great reunion and I treasure the time we spent with Ah Ma and the rest of the family members.

Firecrackers time
Auspicious red cloth across the front door
Kids' Power
Laughter everywhere

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