Monday, March 11, 2013


Bento No. 287
Inspired by one of the mommies from EZ Bento Group, I am determined to make another improved version of SpongeBob.  My first attempt here actually scared my boy so much that he did not want any more SpongeBob lunchbox.  Come to think of it, it would be more suitable for Halloween theme ;P  I did not tell my son about it this time.  However, I am glad he was smiling and happy to see it!

SpongeBob was made of steamed egg with minced meat which I thought it was perfect and natural for his face - a sponge like texture.  Seaweed and rice onigiri which I flattened to make his eyeballs.  SpongeBob has blue eyes.  Unfortunately, I did not have any blue ingredient at hand.  Corn kernel for his nose.   Cheddar cheese for his cheeks.  Seaweed for his mouth.  Two grains of sticky rice for his bunny teeth!  White rice for his shirt and for the pants, I painted with soya sauce.  I cut out the details of his collar and belt from nori and carrot was used to make the tie.  On the sides, he has blanched broccoli, corn kernels, star carrot and strawberries.


kw bentodiary said...

Great job!! This is really yummy Spongebob :)

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for dropping by. Still has a lot to learn from you.