Saturday, March 16, 2013


Bento No. 289
This was a very easy snack I prepared for my son today. Plain white mantou (or Chinese steamed bun/bread) converted to a zebra!  All details were freehand cut except the eyes were punched out from seaweed puncher.  The good thing using mantou is you do not need to worry about the seaweed falling off because the bun itself is sticky.  But he was missing a pair of ears - Oops! :P  No wonder my boy paused for a minute before he realised it was a zebra. 

Have you noticed any change of behaviour after they (kids) switched to a new school?  I have mine to tell.  In the beginning of the year, my son adjusted very well in his new kindergarten, new environment and new friends.  Of late, he has not been able to pay attention in class according to his teacher. Instead of sitting straight and attentive, he lay on the floor citing 'tired' as the reason. And I learnt that he was imitating another classmate who displayed the same behaviour.  When I asked him about it, he gave me a lot of excuses and I felt that he could not tell me exactly what was bothering him.  Then, he told me it was boring during the Chinese lesson and he missed his previous preschool because it was more interesting over there.  Hence, I decided to drop by his old preschool this afternoon.  He was really excited to see his ex-teachers again and began to compare his current kindergarten with the old preschool.  Along the way, he could even identify the directions and buildings as I drove passed.  It was like a meeting with 'old friends'.  Unfortunately, one of the Chinese teacher has left the school.  But he was happy to see other teachers who once held his tiny hands and played with him when he was a baby. 

At the end of the day, I am glad I had made this trip because my son said "I love both S kindergarten (current) and W preschool (old)".  :))  He is such a sentimental little man. 

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