Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Seashell' dumplings

Bento No. 291
We had fun making our own dumplings yesterday evening. And my boy recalled fondly the time he made the dumplings with Jacinta Laoshi at his old preschool. He used the mould I bought from Daiso and mommy freehand folded the pleats. He proudly held one of his dumplings and exclaimed "Mine looks like a seashell! Mommy's dumplings look like 屁股 " (ie bum in Chinese). What do you think? ;P We made a large batch and placed it in the freezer so that we could always had frozen dumplings anytime.

So today's snack before school, boiled 'seashell' dumplings and some strawberries! Since he is going to have chicken rice at his kindergarten (new menu and the teachers said it is a 'healthy' version), I did not want to load too much food especially he just had a cup of milk and a large corn mayo bun which Papa bought from Yamazaki bakery in the morning. He loves food and has really good appetite.

Morever, he did complained to me that he was super hungry after school because the portion given to him was too little. That is why I began to prepare some snack or lunch prior to school.

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