Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teriyaki chicken sushi roll

Bento No. 286
Bento/lunch boxes were so pretty to look at and very tempting to posses one of our own.  I try to resist from buying more and kept a few quality ones for my son's packed lunch.  But I have a few in mind like the diablock and red fire engine which I am still considering whether I should buy. This is a a lovely orange bento box given as part of birthday's goodie bag togther with some stationery stuff from his classmate.  I think it is such a great idea and so apt since my boy need to bring his own lunch to the kindergarten every Monday. 

He has teriyaki chicken sushi roll with Japanese cucumber, tamagoyaki, stir-fried nai bai with carrots, kiwis and blueberries.  It's yummy my son said :))

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