Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Porridge in siew mai tray

Bento No. 308

Bento lovers like me will never had enough of tools.  It's an addiction!! Above is a siew mai tray which I bought from Daiso.  I would never know that the tray could be used to prepare bento for my kid.  I learnt it from a very creative Mom in EZ Bento group.  Want more bento goodies, hope over to Bento Monster who is hosting a giveaway in celebration of her 500th post. I have entered the giveaway.  Have you?
At the bottom of the tray, my son had brown rice porridge (mixed with a little of fragrant jasmine rice) topped with pork floss.  In the middle row, there was stir-fried cabbage with baby shrimp and egg fried with baby shrimp.  The top was oranges and grapes decorated with leaf and panda foodpicks. My boy dislikes porridge.  Here, I'm trying to make it an interesting way to eat.  And it works!!  He was having fun and even asked for more porridge :D
The star of the ingredients today is baby shrimp?  Those that you can find in cincalok.  This was my childhood dish which my mum simply steamed it when I was little.  Speaking of nostalgia, my boy made five stones for Grandma in kindergarten in line with their learning theme - Grandparent  And Granny, in turn, bought the aeroplane chess game for him.  Coincidentally, these were Mommy and Papa's favourite childhood games.
Five Stones for Grandma
Playing five stones with Granny

Aeroplane chess

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