Monday, May 6, 2013

Snoopy and Woodstock, Recycled craft : A turtle

Bento No. 299
Hope to chase away Monday blues?  Try this Snoopy and Woodstock to brighten up your day :)  Snoopy was made of white rice onigiri stuffed with pork floss to give it some flavour.  Seaweed for the details.  Woodstock, I freehand cut the nori details and paste it on a round shape cheddar cheese which nicely sat on a mini onigiri mixed with pork floss.  In the box, my son has baked salmon, blanched broccoli/carrots, apples and green kiwi.  Lemon slice, coral lettuce and a poka dot flag for decoration.

Ever since I was hooked into recycled craft, I have been trying to salvage whatever cardboard, plastic bottles, fruit containers, etc I could lay my hands on.  And these loot or 'barang' was kept in one Ikea storage box which I restricted to ONE and only ONE in case I became a 'karung guni' man (in Malay means rag and bone dealer) ;)  One fine day whilst I was busy preparing dinner, my son surprised me with this turtle made from recycled material. He did the head, shell and body and I finished off by helping him to cut the shape of the legs and tail.   Not pretty but it's original!  And my boy just wanted it to look like this without colours and frills.  As a Mom myself, we have been holding the little hands guiding him at each of his milestone and trying to make everything interesting and creative to stimulate the little head.  Here, my son did not need any inspiration from me at all and he did it on his own given him the space and time.  Totally agreed with 'A Happy Mum's Creativity 521', the sky is the limit when comes to creativity!!

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~Summer~ said...

WOW! Ok firstly, the Snoopy is so cute and the Woodstock, how did you do that!! You must have very nimble hands! I would really like to do bentos for my girl which look as beautiful. As for the turtle, isn't he awesome to come up with it? Kids really amaze us sometimes, kudos to you for bringing out the creativity in him too! Way to go and thanks for linking up!

kw bentodiary said...

Cute Snoopy ^^

Dragonfly said...

Summer, Thanks for the kind words. I just began to learn to do outlining characters on bento like the Woodstock, still way way to go... I'm sure your girls would love your bento. I don't have girls otherwise I would have made Hello Kitty, Miffy, princess sort of bento ;) Hope to see yours in your blog :D

Karen, Thanks for the compliment.