Friday, May 17, 2013

Teddy Bear

Bento No. 305
This box looks rather empty.  It's meant to be eaten at home and I have not much ingredient left in the fridge since it was the end of the week.  My boy loves egg fried rice in any form. However, this time I added lup cheong (aka Chinese sausage) and seasoned it with Thai fish sauce and some soya sauce for a twist (on top of the usual mixed vegetables; frozen peas, carrots and corns).  A new rice dish!  And his first lup cheong fried rice too!!  On the sides, he got some Japanese cucumbers and dragonfruits.  Plus a teddy bear made of orange cheese with a green pepper outfit and heart shape ham.  Nori for the facial and paws.  To my surprise, my son actually finished everything including the green pepper.  Haha, he thought it was green jelly initially.  Luckily, he did not throw out after a bite ;) 

Have you planned anything for your children over this coming June school holidays?  We did!  First week, we will travel to down under, Darwin Australia.  We probably go museums hopping on second week.  And we signed up an one-week Chinese Theatre camp on the third week for my boy.  Forth week, we will visit Grandma and his cousin (a routine we did in every school holidays :))

Have a nice weekend ahead!

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