Friday, May 10, 2013

Sushi from leftovers, Phoenix, and about food

Bento No. 300
Sometimes, I used leftover from last night dinner to prepare bento for my son's lunch the next day.  The sushi here was made with leftovers; chicken breast, teriyaki sauce and corn kernels, except for the rice.  He also has tamagoyaki, blanched broccoli, green kiwi and blueberries. My boy decorated his lunch with the foodpicks.

Talking about food, I was craving for BBQ chicken wings from Bedok North (Fengshan). Hence, I decided to bake it myself since I had some chicken wings in the fridge.  I found a simple and easy receipe from Noobcook - Honey Baked Chicken Wings.  I thought these drumlettes and wings would be the nice portion for two adults and one pre-schooler.  But I was wrong! Although my hubby complained it was tasteless, he ate most of it and even attempted to steal one wing from my boy after I commented that our son was still not skillful in eating wings.  My boy was almost in tears and I gave up mine for Daddy.  This was not the first time father and son fighting over food.  Ice cream too!! It happened when we have an ice cream treat.  My hubby scolded him at the table and reprimanded the then 3 years old for eating too fast and too much ice cream.  My son was crying whilst scooping the ice cream into his mouth.  Papa was such a spoiler for that day! The other time was we were dining at a Japanese Restaurant.  I ordered Japanese curry and hence, I could not share with my boy because he has yet to appreciate spicy stuff.  Daddy had sukiyaki.  When the food arrived, there were probably 4 thinly slices of beef.  Daddy said it was too little for him and ordered the little one to go for vegetables instead. :((  Another favourite dish for these two 'carnivores' is roasted pork belly.  My boy would give himself a huge serving first which literally half the meat would be gone from the plate. But he has indeed taken too much meat from the dinner table.  Papa interfered by taking some of his roast meat away.  He was disappointed but did not cry.  He turned to me and said "Mommy, I really like this type of meat!".  As a Chinese, it is a basic dining etiquette that we should share the food and not seen as greedy at the table.  It's a good thing he loves his food but he cannot be too greedy.

On the contrary, we have plenty of greens on our dinner which has never been an issue of fighting over it.  Reason being, my son did not ask for second helping..haha

Honey baked chicken wings
Below was a phoenix I created using threadfin fillet pan-fried in egg for its wings, nai bai for tails and head/beak using cheddar cheese.  Nori for the eyes.  What do you think? ;P

Bento No. 301


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