Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Penguins, Paper Plate Jabiru

Bento No. 303
I reckon this was not the cutest penguins but the fastest bento I ever made!! I cut out the shape of penguin from the seaweed and paste it on the fishballs.  Mouth and feet were orange cheese which I pressed out from a straw.  Toasted spaghetti for its eyes.  Final touches - decorated each with sunhat and a cap foodpicks!   That's my boy's lunch today; soba, blanched baby spinach/carrots, corn kernels and half of banana (which was not in the picture). 

We did a paper plate Jabiru craft on Monday since my son has fully recovered from his stomach flu.  And he is eating well and back to his usual chirpy self.  Why Jabiru?  We are planning to visit Darwin Australia during the June holiday.  Papa has mentioned that we are going for bird watching in the Kakadu National Park. Among which, he will be able to spot geese, jabiru..etc   The highlight of the trip would be camping there.  And my son is really excited about it because it will be his first 'camping' trip abroad. 

Materials for paper plate Jabiru :-

Some black colour paper (beak, head, neck, feathers)
Paper plate (body)
A pair of chopstick (legs)
Red crepe paper (legs)
Straws (feets)
Gold ink pen (to draw the eyes and patterns on beak)


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