Monday, October 3, 2011

Tamago sushi

Bento No. 126
I swap the ingredients for making sushi.  Instead of having baked salmon sushi, I put tamago instead.  Well, my boy still has his baked salmon but as a side dish.  For the rest of tamagoyaki, I cut into half and put two pieces together to make it a heart shape.  In the end, I abandoned the idea because it does look like hearts at all.  I used a green stalk foodpick and skewed it together to form a flower.  Then I added the edamame, grapes and kiwi to complete his lunchbox.  In th midst of doing so, my son suddently approached me and said that he wanted a ambulance bento.  That will be the theme for his bento tomorrow perhaps.

1st October was children day but somehow, this year, it has shifted to the first Friday of October that falls on 7th.  We did not really celebrate the occasion but I bought him a gift i.e. 50 pieces of animal puzzle.  And he completed the puzzle all on his own without help!

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