Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Bento No. 190
My son has fully recovered from his cough and running nose!  The first thing he told me is about food!  He gave me a long list of food he wanted to eat like ice-cream, chocolate, french fries, sweets, orange juice.....etc  I have kept all the chocolates and sweets away from him in the refrigerator ;)  And I told him that he can have it once he is well again.  Bet he would ask for it after school. 

Yesterday was labour day, we decided to go out for breakfast at Burger King, Changi Airport Terminal 2 as promised the night before.  He ate the whole of ham and egg crossiant all by himself!  Good appetite!  He even ordered hot chocolate which was a surprise to us because we have never bought it for him.  We were scatching our heads where on earth he learnt about hot chocolate. Obviously, he could not finish it.  The weather, although cloudy, has been quite hot.  After discussion what to do for the day, we concluded to watch the show 'Journey into the amazing caves' at the Omni Theatre, Science Center to avoid the heat outside.  My son has great fun exploring the Science center and he too enjoyed watching the short movie although he felt sleepy and tired towards the end of the show.  A typical family outing is a great opportunity for bonding but can be very tiring too.  Luckily, I was not the driver and could snooze, perhaps, half an hour before we reached home ;)

Above is an elephant onigiri which I actually mixed it with a little bit of teriyaki sauce (my own concoction).  But it appeared too pale in the picture.  I used cucumber to make its ear and nori for the eye.  Besides the teriyaki chicken (which is hidden under the onigiri), my boy also has blanched brocolli/green soya bean and strawberries for his lunch today.

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