Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Assorted Bentos and Sushi

I have been so busy shopping online for my boy's new clothes that I'm not blogging his bento timely.  I finally got him a Baby Gap pyjamas, a pair of Thomas and friends sock and a Nissen long pants. It's Chinese tradition to buy new clothes for the new year. 

On Monday, I made some meatballs and attempting to shape a 'mouse'.  But I forgot about the whiskers..haha!  Their ears is made of cereal flakes. He has carrots, corn, broccolli and some cheeries.  I sprinkled some mixed seaweed porkfloss on the bed of the white rice for flavour.
Bento No. 29

On Tuesday, Papa said he had a dinner appointment with my son's godma and I decided to cook steamed kechi chicken and a caixin soup both for lunch and dinner.  And I packed it in my boy's bento. 

Bento No. 30
Today, I made sushi with crabstick, japanese cucumber and tamagoyaki.  I think my son has not been seeing any cute animals in his bento that he asked me to made giraffe and elephant for his bento.  So I put 2 cute foodpicks on the tamagoyaki.  To prove that I did it, he actually requested me to show it to him first.  

Bento No. 31

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