Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Bento No. 23
Yesterday my boy was asking if I can made a giraffe for his lunchbox.  I promised him I will try.  Afterwards, I was wondering if he can understand the meaning of 'try'.

I did it today. I mashed the egg tofu and mixed it with white rice to create a yellow colour and dotted it with orange carrot.  Then, I inserted the bone food pick and twisted it around to make it look like a pair horns visually. Alongside, he also has sugar bean stir-fried with pork and his favourite grapes.  My creation appears like a 'crossbreed' or should I say a 'hybrid'.  Because my boy told me it looks like a caterpillar when I showed him the first time.  And I asked him the second time, he seems unconvinced that it is a giraffe.

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