Monday, January 3, 2011


I can't believe it is year 2011 and the school holiday is over.  But we had a great time over the festive season because we had Companies!  Yeah,  his favourites 'Jie Jie' was here and his 'San Ku', an excellent cook who whipped up delicious meal for all of us (not forgetting to learn more from her).  They even bought clothes for my boy. This is the privillege of being the little ones. So envy! He really loves them and keeps telling me he wants to take an aeroplane to'Ah Ma' house in Malaysia.  Not really in good sentence, but I think he is putting an effort to speak more and incessantly asking "what is this?" and "what is that?" in other days. 

Bento No. 22
I made a simple bento today using my brand new seaweed puncher I bought from Daiso.  I had been searching from outlets to outlets and finally got these two which completes my collection :) Hesitated, my son said one is a hamster and the other is a rabbit.  Haha, what do you think?  He has broccoli, carrots, black grapes and steamed minced meat with egg (hidden underneath).

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