Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sushi and a Sheep Bento

Yesterday I made baked salmon sushi for my boy's bento.  Not much different from the usual one I made. Probably more colourful because I throw in a strawberry, Apricot and edamame.  It was so cold yesterday that one parent commented "Winter has arrived in Singapore.".

Bento No. 26
   This morning, I saw a glimpse of sunshine from my house and I guess, it will be warmer today :)  Nevertheless, I'm still quite tired due to my son's interrupted sleep at night.  He refused to nap in the afternoon since he started school probably due to his growth spurt.  And he objected strongly with a 'No' and 'I'm not tired' when I asked him to nap. I felt that his quality of sleep has compromised.  I think I'm going to try tired him out physically at the playground.  Hope, he could get back to his normal routine naptime!

Have you seen the cartoon - Timmy the Sheep? I don't know why but whenever I cooked cauliflower, it always remind me of a sheep.  Yap, this cheeky sheep looks a bit of abstract. Don't you think so? Hahah..

Bento No. 27

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