Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Bento No. 24
 Not much food left in the refrigerator.  So I opened a can of tuna and made sandwich for my son using sandwich cutter.  I tried to stuff two slice of wholemeal bread into his lunchbox and ended up not able to see the shapes (an elephant, a dog, a whale and a car).  He loves these shapes!  When I am lazy, I just spread some jam or peanut butter on his bread.  After a few bites, he will tell me what kind of animals he created!   Quite imaginative too!

For variety, I put in emmental and cheddar cheese on two of each bread and the rest is tuna spread together with sliced tomatoes.  I also throw in some japanese cucumber in his favourite foodpicks. 


Food For Tots said...

Your son is so creative! Guess he must have an enjoyable time with your bento set.

Dragonfly said...

Thanks! Yeah, he talks more and lots of imagination. But not imaginary friends yet. I may find it scarry if he starts to....