Monday, January 24, 2011

Salmon Pink Rabbit

I made another Rabbit bento today.  This time, I decided not to use the rice mould but shape the onigiri by hand!  The onigiri is mixed with baked salmon.  When I look at my finished product, I felt so happy and cheerful.  Do you?  My son has simmered Kabocha Squash (Japanese Green Pumpkin) and two strawberries for his lunch today.  I just discovered the dark green skin of Kabocha can be eaten and it is so soft after simmered with stock. 
Bento No. 33
 My son's new clothes has not arrived todate.  I am getting a bit anxious if the parcel I ordered online would reach me on time before I depart for Penang this Friday.  Oh no, cross my finger though!  I got myself a Mandarin collar dress yesterday at TampinesOne...hehe but it's a bit steep on the price tag.  Honestly, I never really think of the significance of CNY until I had my son.  And I would like him to learn about the Chinese customs and traditions.  Dressing up for the occasion is one way to teach him I guess :)

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