Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Dino

Bento No. 62
It's dinosaur again! A baby dino in his bento today. It is made of emmental cheese, dotted with nori pieces and black sesame for its eyes.  My son has char siew, blanched broccolli, a cherry tomatoes, black plum and grapes. To make the dino stand out on the white rice, I sprinkled some pork floss on it.

My boy is three years old now and people has been telling me he should try all kinds of food.  As a mother, I have been very mindful and always cautiously looked out for labels containing artificial colourings, preservatives, high sodium in content, spam and deep-fried food.  Noting that hotdog and ham are a rare treat in my household. I guess it will take me a while to accept the fact that my son has grown up and he is supposed to eat all the food like adults.

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