Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuna salad sushi

Bento No. 58

I have not been making sushi last few weeks and you can see the ingredients are overflowed. Not because of the widely broadcast Japanese tainted with radiation products.  But I run out of white rice :P Singapore is very strict with food safety and we still went to Japanese restaurants for lunches or dinners.  We love Japanese food! 

My boy's lunch consists of tuna salad sushi (with carrots, cucumbers and tuna mayo), blanched green beans, black grapes and oranges.  The usual sushi bento.

I took a picture of his new lunchbag and water bottle.  His favourites; dinos and trains.  Boys are boys  though....


Food For Tots said...

We had stopped going to Japanese restaurants since Tsunami disaster. Really miss Japanese sushi a lot!! The lunchbag is very nice with the dinos' pictures. My son loves dinos too. ;)

Dragonfly said...

Oh, really? We are quite sceptical initially but juz can't resist Jap food lei... Wow, another dinosaur boy. Bet he watched the dinosaur train in okto too. My son absolutely loves it. I bot the dino lunchbag from Amazon because I don't see it selling in Singapore :D