Monday, April 4, 2011

Brown cow - Mooooo

Bento No. 55
Unfazed by his 'unpleasant' reaction to the previous cow bento, I determined to make another one for my son! A brown cow instead  (because I have run out of white rice...haha!).  It's ear and muzzle were cut out from crabstick.  Its nostril and eyes were punched out from the seaweed.  It's horn is made of carrot.  To recap the bad experience over his cow bento previously, my boy was punished to face the wall after spilling his lunchbox.  The look and feel of the bento does really matter to this little boy...

He has blanched broccolli, carrot, fried egg tofu (seems like I always put it in his bento), seasoned minced meat and papaya (which I placed it in another box).  Guess what, he finished all his food!  I'm so glad he loves this hilarious looking cow!

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