Thursday, April 21, 2011


Bento No. 65
The Zoo is welcoming its pairs of Panda next year 2012 and concidentally, the male has the same name as my son.  We can't wait to see these cute furry little fellows.  Here is a panda bento which consisted of soya sauce honey baked drumlette, fried tofu, fried egg with long bean and black plums.  I half the portion of the white rice today because I don't think he could eat that much due to his running and stuffing nose.  Papa was sick the last two days and has since recovered but passed the flu bug to my son :(  As a result, my boy has a sleepless night with nightmares.  Was it due to the drama performed by the teachers yesterday that frightened my boy?  I heard from the Auntie Susan that he was the only one crying watching the drama.

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