Friday, April 15, 2011

Timmy time

Bento No. 61
I bought some pita bread in one of the bakery near my son's preschool.  Confirming with the cashier that it is made with wheatgerm, I happily paid the money.  Disappointment!  First, it is not made of wheatgerm but herbs (taste like focaccia bread instead).  Second, there is no pocket when I slit open.  Sceptical that my son would like it.  I asked him to try it first prior day before I packed for his lunch today.  Oh, surprisingly, he likes it!  

Now his lunch, we have some leftover teriyaki chicken from last night dinner.  Hence, I stuffed the leftover chickens with lettues, tomatoes, yellow onions, green pepper which I mixed the salad with only ketchup dressing.  (Since there is no pocket, just cut open) And I made 'Timmy" the little lamb and sticked it on top of the pita bread.  Thanks to Susan Yuen from Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook which gave me the idea!

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