Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brown doggie

Bento No. 67

 Brown rice doggie!  Yap, my son likes brown rice more than the normal white rice.  So I made a doggie onigiri with its ears cut from carrot, the eyes and muzzel from seaweed and the rest from cheddar cheese.  He is not fond of whole tomato too.  But I still packed in his lunchbox and hopefully, he might take a bite.  He has baked salmon in teriyaki saurce, blanched broccolli, black grapes and a strawberry.

Watching my son grows up fit and healthy each day is my greatest achievement thus far.  Also means that I have aged too!  I have lived for more than a decade and suddenly, I become dreadful about the idea of growing old.......Why bother.. probably I am too busy with my boy's homework and exams to dread about it. Gotta know this site which is very useful in preparation for our little ones

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